Best secret beaches in the UK

Sometimes there is nothing that sounds more appealing than finding a quiet beach to relax on for a day. Thankfully there are many beaches that are hidden away from the crowds of people and are waiting for you to enjoy. Here is a short list of beaches to explore the next time you need a quick getaway in the UK.

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Bow or Vault Beach is on the south coast of Cornwall located only 9 miles from St. Austell. Facing the English Channel this beach involves a bit of a walk-in, but if you carry in refreshments it is definitely worth it. During low tide the shingles disappear and the sand is there to greet you.

On the North Cornish coast in Cornwall, The Strangles is a sand and shingle beach that stretches and joins two beaches during low tide. The walk down to this coast is a bit of a trek as well, but once you are here you will be greeted by the highest cliff in Cornwall as well as shipwrecks that are worth exploring. Swimming is not recommended here due to some very strong currents and jagged rocks.

Covehithe in Suffolk has a footpath leading down to the beach. Again here you will find a mix of shingles and sand, but it is a quiet beach to relax on. Make sure you have your directions written out clearly before taking off as this is a rather complicated place to get to.

Another beach in Cornwall is the fishing village of Port Isaac near Polzeath. While this is commonly associated with the TV series Doc Martin as “Port Wenn” making it popular with the tourists, there are still quiet areas to find. The rugged terrain can be tricky to navigate, but once you are on the coast there are plenty of coves, rock pools and cliffs to explore.

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