Best safari holidays for kids

Whilst a safari might be difficult to do with kids, they are actually good opportunities for your offsprings to discover the wonderful world of the animal and plant kingdoms. They will get to enjoy some of the most amazing sights in their lifetime and see animals up close. We show you what the best safari holidays are for kids.

Safari destinations

Going on a safari might be a formidable task when you have to bring the kids with you. However, there are ways to go around this. Whilst there are certain areas where kids are not allowed for safety reasons, there are also national parks, lodges and safari resorts which welcome children. Hence, it is best to look at the policy of the park to see whether your children are allowed.

The other thing you have to consider is the presence of diseases and malaria. Malaria is a tropical disease that can be life threatening if unattended. Hence, limit your choices where there is no risk of contracting malaria especially if you have very young children.

Best safari holidays for kids

1. South Africa – There is no malaria in this area and there are loads of lodges which actively welcome children. A lot of places that do accept children even offer game drives for kids alone. Thus, you can actually enjoy your own game drive without worrying after your kids. In addition, there are also nannies on the premises that can look after them while you go on a sunset game drive or simply dine under the stars with your spouse or partner.

2. Namibia – The colours of Namibia are second to none and there are also plenty of resorts that cater to the needs of young and very young guests. The Etosha National Park is a must place to visit for tourists, but there are also great beaches in Swakopmund if you want to combine a safari with a beach holiday.

3. Botswana – Diamond rich Botswana has some of the best and untouched natural parks in the region (if not the world) and although a tailored safari can become quite pricey, it is completely worth it. The country’s parks are unfenced so it is not recommended to walk around in the night or after dark.

Although there are not many lodges that accept very young children, those that do will provide excellent services and activities for your kids. Remember, these parks are completely in the wild so if you find a package suitable for the entire family, grab this opportunity.

Other places

Other African countries where you can get the best safari holidays for kids include Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania. Just be aware there might be other infectious diseases in the region in addition to malaria.

Safaris in general are expensive, especially if you want one tailored to your itinerary. However, if you intend to just stay in one lodge without moving much, there are reasonably priced tour packages available. Expect to pay at least £100 per head a day for a guided safari with your kids. Children over 12 pay the same rate as adults while there are discounts for those below 12 years.

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