Best American Road Trip Routes

If you're looking for something exciting to do for the summer with the family, or just friends, why not try one of these best American road trip routes? A road trip can be inexpensive and allows you the freedom to see more than you ever could with a package holiday.


How to Prepare

To see the best road trip routes in America, you'll need to have a full driving license and have been driving in your country for at 2 years. Then, when you arrive to America, you can rent a vehicle. The longer you've been driving and the more documentation you have as proof of your driving history can get you a much better deal and cheaper car insurance.

Find the best deals by shopping around online and call up to secure a vehicle before you arrive. You can then fly into America, pack up your rented car and hit the road in the country where road trip's are the stuff of movie legends!

Pacific Coast Highway

1700 miles along the coast lies the Pacific Coast, stretching from Southern California to Washington Olympic Peninsula. Drive across the Golden Gate bridge and through the towering redwoods of North California, the beaches of Kalaloch as you approach the Olympic Peninsula and enjoy the sun and surf sand. This is a perfect summer road trip with stops at the San Diego Zoo and the Hoh Rain Forest in the Olympic National Park for kids and culture buffs.

Florida State and Overseas Highway

A slightly shorter, 600 mile trip takes you from Florida's Atlantic coastline to Key West. You can stop off at St. Augustine, the oldest town in the United States, Daytona Beach for diving, Canaveral National Seashore and the JFK Space Centre. From there, you can take the A1A in Miami and take a scenic 127 mile drive through 42 bridges, a turtle hospital and historical rail lines.

US Highway 2 and 395

US highway 2 is one of the best road trip routes in America for its zigzag path through rockey mountains for 3,300 miles, perfect for anyone looking for the most scenic road trip route they can possibly find. The 395, for anyone interested in the more deserted, empty high way experiences, boasts some of America's age-old premiere locations for filming Western movies and old-school desert West towns.

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