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Finding the best price for a ferry to France is no longer a stressed-filled task. The growth of the internet has meant anyone can perform a simple online search that will give them several choices for booking their ferry Channel crossing. That is because now there are numerous websites that will do the searching for you and find the best prices available. All you have to do is take a few minutes to enter a few details on your ferry trip.Ferry Routes to France

When visiting websites such as Ferrybooker.com or Ferrysmart.co.uk you will need to enter a few details regarding your trip. First, you will need to decide both which port you will be leaving from and which port you want to travel to. For example you have combinations such as Dover to Calais or Dover to Boulogne, Newhaven to Dieppe, Poole to Cherbourg or even Portsmouth to Caen.What route you decide on will depend on a few factors. First, it may depend on how far you will have to travel to reach the English port. For example, if you are travelling from the South West it may be wiser to go from Portsmouth rather than travel all the way to Dover to catch the ferry from there.

Ferry Route Prices

Travelling from ports such as Portsmouth or Newhaven will mean the price of the actual crossing will be a fair bit higher. This is because these ports are much further from France than the closer port of Dover, for example. A typical crossing from Dover to Calais with a car will cost around thirty pounds from leading companies such as SeaFrance or P & O, while a typical Portsmouth to Caen crossing with a car will cost up to £190. However, you can always make your French ferry crossing a major part of the trip and hire an exclusive cabin for yourself and your partner. The same journey from Portsmouth to Caen will then cost around £225.

For certain, finding the best price for a ferry to France has never been easier; just ensure you know what you are looking for before beginning your search.

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