Finding the best price for Drayton Manor hotel rooms

If you’re thinking of taking your family to the Drayton Manor theme park when the summer arrives, you’ll probably want to stay in the area so you can spend several days at the park. The closest you can get is to stay at the park itself. That might sound expensive, but it needn’t be as you'll find the best price Drayton Manor hotel rooms online.

Official site

Using the Drayton Manor park’s official site is the most obvious way of finding room availability and room prices but it might not offer you the best prices. The site’s definitely worth a look as there are offers there from time to time and you’ll get all the information you need about the place and its amenities. If you’re planning a wedding or a conference, then you’ll probably want to book direct with the hotel. If not, then why not use one of the hotel reservations websites that list late booking.

Don't miss out

Websites like LateRooms.com and trivago.co.uk offer some of the best price rooms at the Drayton Manor hotel but you won’t have the sort of room choice you can expect if you book directly with the hotel, so you might miss out on one of the 3 Presidential Rooms or the Thomas & Friends themed family rooms.

Other hotels

The biggest advantage of using sites like these is that you can check other hotels and guest houses in the area. With trivago.co.uk, you can search through vacancies at 721,444 hotels on 201 websites, so you should be able to save some money if you don’t need the convenience of staying in a hotel on the grounds of the theme park.


No matter where you find the best price Drayton Manor hotel rooms, you'll get accommodation with amenities like wireless internet access, air conditioning, an LCD flat screen TV, a laptop safe and luxurious large beds. You could take anything from inter-connecting family rooms to one of the hotel's three majestic Presidential suites.

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