Best places to visit in Britain

In our next installment of three British attractions to consider for a trip around the countryside or a 'staycation' at home, we're breaking the rules on what constitutes a landmark: be it a hillside phenomenon, an artificial experience or a man-made edifice.

Xscape, Milton Keynes

If you've had enough of history and culture and just fancy a bit of a thrill, try some simulated skydiving! The Xscape complex based at Milton Keynes (and also Castleford in Yorkshire) drew a crowd of over 6.9m last year with its climbing walls, 'real-deal' ski slope and wind tunnel that reproduces the effect of skydiving. On-hand instructors provide all the safety know-how and before you know it, you'll be learning how to stay upright whilst 'plummeting' through the air. Unbeatable.

Brighton Royal Pavillion

Providing a bit more spice than most of the stately homes that England has to offer, this outlandish creation was built between 1787 and 1815 and has seen more than its fair share of royal parties and booze-ups hosted by King George IV in his playboy years. Boasting Oriental minirets and domes, the inside of this palace contains a lavish array of jewelled columns, dragon-decorated furniture and dazzling metallic decoration.

Cerne Abbas

For hundreds of years, ladies have averted their eyes from the sight of the enormous phallas of the Cerne Abbas or 'Rude Man', that stands proudly on a hillside outside Dorchester. At 55m tall, the figure is definitely hard to miss and many theories abound as to its origin: a tribute to Hercules, part of a pagan ritual or simply a joke at some dignitary's expense (Oliver Cromwell for one, perhaps).

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