Best places to see in Jamaica

One of the most beautiful places to escape to is the small island of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. Not only does Jamaica offer rich music and mouthwatering food to visitors, but there are many amazing sights to see as well. Here are some highlights that you must visit while in country.

    Alphakaya - Wikimedia

History lovers can explore Falmouth which is a beautiful northern town that holds some of the best preserved Georgian architecture on the island. Visit Greenwood Great House and check out the museum which holds great collections of various antiques. The Good Hope Estate, which was an old coconut and sugar plantation, also has quite the story to tell.

Jamaica is widely known for its' outstanding beaches, one of which is Negril Beach, also known as Seven Mile Beach. It stretches from Bloody Bay to Long Bay and the Rocky Negril Cliffs. The cliffs here make the perfect place to find caves and diving areas. You will also not be short on choice when it comes to water sports, resorts or restaurants while in the area.

For those that love the outdoors and enjoy exercising, Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park are calling. With over 200,000 acres of rainforest to explore, you are bound to see a wide range of flora and fauna along the way. Once you reach the top of Blue Mountain, which is also Jamaica’s highest peak, have a look and see if you can spot Cuba off in the distance.

Dunns River Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions and for good reason. These Falls are 180 feet high, 600 feet long and are terraced like limestone stairs. Visitors can choose to either climb the falls or take the solid stairs that run next to them which takes just over an hour to climb.

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