Best places to retire abroad

With so many potential places to retire, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Have a look at this short list of recommended countries and learn why they are perfect places to retire. Perhaps you will soon become a resident of one of these attractive countries.

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Spain has one of the largest expat communities making it an easier transition to adjust to than perhaps other countries. With a rich history, 100-miles of southern coast and beautiful mountains scattered throughout, you will not get bored when planning your next adventure. Food lovers will really enjoy this country as cuisine plays an important part of Spanish culture.

The small mediterranean island of Malta is a great place to consider for retirement. It is an English speaking island that receives plenty of sunshine all year round and has an extremely low crime rate. History buffs are bound to enjoy exploring the 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that can be found on this island. Let us not forget the world class golf courses and picturesque beaches that are also at your disposal right on your doorstep.

Another idea is to head to Latin America, specifically Panama. This is a much cheaper option than the previous two European destinations with many other benefits and discounts available for retirees. Retirees, known locally as resident pensionados, receive the following:

  • - 15% off all hospital bills
  • - 50% off entertainment such as concerts, movies, theatre and sporting events
  • - 30% off transportation fares
  • - 25% off airfare
  • - 25% off restaurant bills
  • - 25% off electricity and phone bills
The expat community in Panama is very active and friendly so you won’t have too much trouble settling in.

Ecuador is another unique place to consider for retiring. Similar to Panama, they offer various retiree benefits such as:

  • - Discounts on flights leaving from Ecuador when visiting family
  • - 50% off public transportation
  • - A free landline if you purchase property
This is an ideal landscape for retirees that love the outdoors and staying active. There are plenty of places to go fishing, hiking, cycling and exploring. Ecuador also has some of the best real estate value in South America which can be very appealing.

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