Best places to eat in Rome

Roma, the city of love, is full of rich history, breathtaking beauty and loads of mouthwatering food. If you are heading to Rome and are looking for places to enjoy beautiful Italian food, look no further. This quick guide for all budgets will point you in the right direction.

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Going All Out

Those with no budget restrictions whatsoever who are looking for only the best of the best should make reservations at Il Convivio Troiani. This fine dining experience will certainly be something to remember and could exceed all your expectations. A Michelin star restaurant, you will find a mixture of classic and seasonal dishes on offer. The old-fashioned décor and hand picked paintings simply add to the romantic atmosphere that this place exudes. A quick note on prices though, it is not uncommon for a couple to spend around £250 for a dinner meal for two.

Middle of the Road

If you are looking for beautiful food that will not cost you an arm and a leg, then La Tavernaccia is the restaurant for you. This family run restaurant is popular with the locals which is always a good sign of quality cuisine. Located in the Trastevere neighborhood, it is located off the beaten path for most tourists but definitely worth the trouble of finding. The menu changes daily making sure customers have fresh, exciting and well thought out meal options. Make sure make reservations as this place fills up quickly and the average cost of a meal sits between £15 - £40.

Vegans and vegetarians are always in need of special eateries when abroad and in Rome the Rewild Cruelty Free Club is certainly top of the list. TIt is perfect for those looking for a late dinner too seeing that its' business hours are from 8pm until 2am. They offer everything from a light sandwich or wrap to main course like ravioli and tagliatelle to brushetta with your choice of vegetable, tofu or organic spreads. There are also shakes available that are made with 100% vegetables milk.

On a Budget

And then there are those travellers among you that are will be on a tight budget when you arrive in Rome. Have no fear, there are plenty of delicious places for you to grab a bite to eat for cheap. Fa-bio is our top pick and it is great a vegetarian/vegan option too that serves breakfast/brunch. Situated in the Vatican area, it is one of the few places there that mixes reasonable prices with friendly staff who take the time to explain the ingredients in all of your choices. There are only a few seats in the restaurant so simply choose your meal, watch it get prepared, and head off to the park to enjoy some people watching while eating a healthy sandwich right in the heart of Rome!

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