Best places for Bachelor parties

Are you planning a bachelor party but need some ideas of where to have it and what to do? It really all comes down to what the groom is interested in and what type of budget you are working with. Here are a few different ideas to look into and help you find the perfect bachelor party for your mate.

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The Traditional Groom

When someone says "Bachelor Party", booze, gambling and strip clubs are often associated with it. If this sounds like the perfect Bachelor party, there is no better place to go than Las Vegas, Nevada. This city is the place to be if you are looking for bright lights and the ideal party weekend away. As an alternative option, Montreal in Canada also has quite the reputation of having plenty of strip clubs and bars to choose from.

The Thrill seeker Groom

Perhaps hanging out in strip clubs all weekend doesn't sound that great. Rather than spend money on lap dances why not spend it on something that may be on your bucket list such as skydiving in Le Marche, Italy or maybe paragliding in Mount Blanc, France. These would be memories that all the guys will definitely treasure and remember forever.

The Low Key Groom

Having a wild bachelor party may not seem like that much fun for some grooms though. If the groom is more low key, consider going out for a round of golf in Royal St. George’s Golf Club and whiskey tasting in Bath rounded up by a classy dinner.

The Outdoorsy Groom

Then there are the grooms who love the outdoors. A perfect bachelors party can take place out in the wilderness hiking the hills of Scotland, drinking around a campfire and relaxing the weekend away. Or maybe skiing in the Alps or kayaking coupled with camping are better matches. Either way, if your groom loves the outdoors, this is the perfect way to prepare him for the wedding day.

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