Best party destinations in Spain

Do you need a break from a monotonous everyday life and would love to let your hair down? Here is a list of 5 top party destinations in Spain that will let you do just that and more. This list is a little bit different than what you normally get as we have left many popular resort destinations to one side for the moment and focused on accessible city destinations Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Fear not if that is not your thing though as Marbella and Gran Canaria also make the list.

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Hitting to top of the list is a night on the town in Madrid where Las Tablas is a great small venue to start the night off. Here you can watch flamenco at 8pm and 10pm while enjoying a few drinks. If you want to get your own dance on then you can move on over to Marula. There a DJ spinning a wide variety of tunes will keep you rocking all night. For those who are really looking to party a little harder in Madrid, the best option might be to take the Partybus. This is a one way ticket to hit the hottest clubs while avoiding queues and meeting plenty of locals who often use the bus to get to clubs quicker.

Barcelona offers a wide range of places to drink and dance the night away while giving a slightly different party atmosphere. For gin and whiskey lovers you absolutely have to check out Old Fashioned, a Gin & Tonic and Cocktail Bar. This cozy vintage style bar has top-notch bartenders who know their stuff and while the drinks on offer are not the cheapest, they are definitely worth it. Rubi Bar is off the beaten path but is worth seeking out. They offer a wide variety of great mojitos at a reasonable price and the place has an overall good vibe. This may be a great way to start the night off. If shots are your thing then you must check out Espit Chupitos where the Finding Nemo and the Harry Potter shots are two drinks to sample.

Seville has a great night vibe with top bars and clubs. Los Gallos Tablao Flamenco is a unique venue with decor that may not be appealing to all but the thrilling dance performances will soon make you oblivious to the space. Everyday they have a full list of singers, dancers and musicians. This makes for a great experience for those who are not familiar with flamenco dancing. La Carboneria is more difficult to find, but the it has free entry and offers a flamenco show and a great ambiance in a barn-like space.

For those who are looking for a higher paced party destination, visit Marbella. Located near the the sporting harbour entrance, Barrocco Bar offers mouthwatering cocktails to kick you into party mode. Babylon Cocktail Bar also has decent priced wine and cocktails, a great outdoor space and amazing staff. Marbella has a host of clubs to visit after your warmup has concluded and everybody seems to be there exclusively to party.

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Gran Canaria makes this list as well with bars and clubs galore dotted in hotspots all over the island. Eiffel Bar in Playa del Ingles has some of the friendliest owners, big glasses for holding more drink and wonderful cocktails. They also keep marshmallows and peanuts readily available all night so when party goers get peckish they don't have to go far. Piccadilly Music Pub in Puerto Rico offer hot music put on by DJ Robbie and have great staff who are there to make sure you are having a good time all the time.

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