Best part of a ship for sea sickness

Does a sense of dread come over you when thinking about being on the sea? Nobody wants to have to deal with sea sickness while everybody else is enjoying themselves on a cruise. Thankfully there are a few tips to help you enjoy your time at sea without having to worry about being overcome with a nauseating feeling.

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If you are heading out on your first cruise and feeling a little anxious about the trip, try and pick a port intensive cruise that involves less overall time on the sea. This way you can still enjoy your cruise but not have to worry about becoming seasick. Also, look for large, modern ships as they will boast state-of-the-art stabilizers which help reduce the pitch and roll of the vessel.

With the ship picked, you now need to locate an ideal room. A typical cruise ship has 4 types of cabins: inside, outside, balcony and suite. Because a ship rolls from side to side, the cabins in the lower middle section of the ship are ideal as they feel less roll and sway. Avoid rooms at either end of the ship, especially the front end.

Making sure you pick a room in the lower deck is also important as these rooms naturally have less movement than rooms on the upper decks. If some of the lower deck cabins feel too claustrophobic for you, move up a deck or two and see if that provides you with a little more space to move. While some people find it better to have a cabin surrounded by other cabins, others may feel the motion of the ship even more this way. If that is the case for you, try and secure a room with an ocean view as this can be very calming and provide you with a visual of the horizon to refer to.

Before and while at sea, make sure to spend as much time as possible out on deck and look at the horizon on a regular basis as a point to help maintain your equilibrium. If you do come down with a bad case of sea sickness, there should be an office or clinic where you can receive medication on board. Also, it is always helpful to ask your doctor before departing for additional recommendations to curb any sea sickness that may be waiting for you.

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