Best Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks in the UK

Winter may make one feel cold andmiserable, but winter is also the season of glorious pop-up iceskating rinks, and this year, like every year, the magic is about to start again. Perfect for the whole family, a romantic date or just to be enjoyed with friends, these are some of the best best outdoor ice skating rinks UK.

Dreamy settings

The Eden Project

In the futuristic setting of this Cornish eco-dream location, one of the best outdoor ice skating rinks in the UK is already set up for a long season of fantastic family fun. Feel free to whizz around the awe-inspiring geodomes, in the beautiful setting enhanced at night by an amazing show of architectural and decorative lighting. This year they're offering new sessions for beginners, ice discos on some Friday evenings and delicious new rink-side food!


Royal Pavilion Ice Rink

Brighton's Royal Pavilion rink is now in its fourth year and going strong. With the Regency pleasure palace as its backdrop, this lovely ice rink is open every day, and is great for breaking the routine of a Christmas shopping day. Why not stop for a break at the rink-side Bar Kitchen for a heart warming soup, hot chocolate or melted marsh mallows?


Winter Wonderland

If you live in London you are probably already familiar with the beautiful Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. If you are not, then get ready to catch up with the new edition of this supreme event, set to celebrate the greatness of winter with plenty of Christmas food, drink treats like mulled wine, a the giant panoramic wheel and, of course, its signature, charming ice rink. Surrounding the Victorian Bandstand, the Winter Wonderland ice rink is a stunning 1,600m2, the biggest in the UK. Don't miss out!


And there is more!

To be honest we simply could not fit here all of the best outdoor ice skating rinks UK: the list is very long, so make sure you check in your local area, fun on ice is not far away from you!

Anyway, we wanted to add a short list of a further selection of best-loved ice rinks for you to check out: enjoy it!

Somerset House, London


NaturalHistory Museum, London


Eyeskate at the London Eye


Hampton Court Palace, Richmond upon Thames


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