What are the best of Britain breaks?

Planning holidays is downright difficult. We wrack our brains searching for ideas where to go for a short break, a winter vacation or a long summer trip. The answers lie in discovering the best of Britain breaks. There are plenty of choices within our own soil to keep everyone happy. From seaside holidays to countryside delights, our local travel destinations offer fun-filled and relaxing holidays.

Suggested escapades

1. City getaway

Pump up some excitement in your busy lives and do short city breaks. Take a trip to Central London and do a bit of sightseeing. If this is not your cup of tea, just enjoy the nightlife and the dining circuit. London is an exciting city and there's always something going on.

You might want to check out the attractions of Bristol, the second largest city in southern England. If you had never visited Cardiff, now is a good time to do it. Other cities that you can add to your list for weekend escapades are Manchester, York, and Leeds.

2. Seaside break

There's something in the sea air that is therapeutic and soothing. If you are hankering for the sea, consider heading over to Bournemouth. It is a developed area with lots of accommodation to suit every traveller from family run hostels and guest houses to chic inns and posh hotels. There is enough room for everyone in its beaches and you're sure to find a quiet spot for yourself even during the high tourist season.

Brighton is another seaside area where you can spend a few days on the coast relaxing and unwinding. Or head over to Eastbourne for something different. It has excellent beaches and a 3-mile long promenade. Great Yarmouth is another place to think about. From there, you can easily make tours around Norfolk and Suffolk. Try also Blackpool's beaches and find out what makes this seaside resort tick.

3. Countryside haven

Verdant greens, lush vegetation, and an infinite serenity conjure images of the picturesque countryside. It may well be the best of all Britain breaks. Visit Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall for a countryside retreat. You'll find that communing with nature in peaceful surroundings boosts sagging spirits and clears the mind. Farm holidays are other options that you can do. If you have children, it's a great way for them to interact with animals. Do river fishing, boating or simply take long nature walks.

Leave home or stay close by?

Whether you're looking for an escapade alone, as a couple, family or even with a group of friends, there are many destinations that offer the best of Britain breaks right at home. Most of these places are just a few hours drive away and reachable by all sorts of transport. The most important thing is, you never have to stay too far from home to enjoy them.

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