Find the Best Late no Flying Cruises from the UK

Best late no flying cruises from UK

Waiting until late to book a 'no fly' cruise could mean that many of them are fully booked, or have at least sold out of their cheaper cabins.  But this is not always the case.  Surprisingly often, cruises are not completely booked up, particularly the more expensive cabins and suites.  When this happens, companies tend to upgrade their booked passengers, and offer the smaller cabins at greatly reduced prices.  So how can you find the best late no flying cruises from the UK?

Where to look for the best late 'no flying' cruises

Naturally, the internet is a good place to search for this kind of information.  Sites offering these kinds of deals include www.cruisedeals.co.uk and www.cruise-deals.co.uk.  Both of these sites deal with a wide variety of companies, so you can look for the best deals.  Individual cruise companies offering late 'no flying' cruises from the UK at reduced prices include Virgin Holidays, www.virginholidaycruises.co.uk, and P & O Cruises, www.pocruises.co.uk.  However, there are many others,depending on when you book and a certain degree of luck.

Another place to look for these kinds of late deals is travel agents' windows, which often have late deals advertised.  It is also worth perusing the travel sections and ads pages of local and national newspapers, as later no flying cruises are advertised here too.

The best way to get a later no flying cruise from the UK

It helps if you can be as flexible as possible, with your dates, departure ports, and routes.  That way you will have a wider choice.  However, there are sometimes enough late deals that you can pick and choose to a certain extent.

It is worth starting to look a few weeks before you want to go, although sometimes the best deals can be obtained at the last minute.

To give you an example of what can be saved, in early 2011 Newmarket Cruises were offering cabins on their trip to Iceland and the Northern Isles, normally costing at least £1000, for about half that.  So you really can get good deals in this manner.

Good luck with the hunt for a no flying cruise leaving from the UK!

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