Best Italian Restaurants in NYC

The delight of fine dining is arguably synonymous with Italian restaurants. If you are visiting "The Big Apple" and crave for world-class salumi, pasta or antipasti, there is no shortage of fine Italian restaurant in New York City to try. Here are some of the best Italian restaurants in NYC to get your Italian fix just the way you like it.


The Maialino is the newest restaurant from Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group to venture exclusively into Italian cuisine. The restaurant offers only the best of foods from Rome. Nick Anderer, its main chef, has built a reputation for raising the standard with faithful facsimiles of dishes specific to Italy.

Nick Anderer’s antipasto includes excellent pastas of spaghetti alla carbonara with egg yolks and guanciale, egg yolks sprinkled with black pepper and delicious artichokes deep-fried in olive oil and served with an unforgettable, pungent anchovy-bread sauce.

Try the seductively authentic ‘maialino,’ as well. The maialino is a mouth watering, golden, fennel-rubbed piglet haunch served with potatoes basted in pig fat that you won't regret trying.

Location: 2 Lexington Ave, New York, NY10010

Call: (212) 777-2410

Del Posto

Next in line of best Italian restaurants NYC is Del Posto. As one the most impressive Italian restaurant in New York, the Del Posto sits on a 24,000-square-foot setting lined with stylish marble and mahogany. It represents the ultimate expression of fine dining in the city. The restaurant has four-star ambitions and does not shy away from offering patrons prices to match the refined, upscale Italian cuisine served here.

The Del Posto’s menu includes hunks of lamb and veal, and pitch-perfect risotto for two. You will also get the opportunity to sample some of the finest, encyclopedic Italian wines you've always wanted to try at the restaurant.

Location: 85 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Call: (212) 497-8090

Marea Ristorante

Closing our list of best Italian restaurants in NYC is the Marea Ristorante. The restaurant is located on one of Manhattans most expensive sides, but well worth it. Marea Ristorante offers Chef Michael White's extraordinary Italian seafood delicacies and housemade pastas for an unforgettable fine-dining experience.

The Marea's chic, modern environs and seamless service have won it accolades, including recognition as NYC’s No. 1 Italian restaurant. Celebrities spot the bar and serve as added bonus. You might just get that rare autograph of your favourite celerity personality at the restaurant.

Location: 240 Central Park S.

Call: (212) 582 5100

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