Best holidays abroad for toddlers

If you are looking for a nice getaway abroad with the young ones there are plenty of options to explore. The type of holiday you book depends on what type of travellers you and your toddlers are and what experience you are looking for in the holiday. Here are a few different ideas to get your imagination flowing.

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If the ideal getaway for your family is spending time on the beach and relaxing, a visit to the Canaries is for you and yours. Here you will easily find self-catering options that make it easier for you and the kids to maintain a sleeping and eating routine while also getting plenty of time to relax on the beach and by the pool.

Orlando, Florida is a bigger trip that is full of exciting sights and activities for the kids both big and small. Not only is it home to Disneyworld, but there is much to see and explore around the city of Orlando. If the kids are going through a Lego phase, make your way to Legoland and prepare to be amazed. Cruise along the International Drive and stop off at the upside down building, WonderWorks and be sure to wander through the oddly shaped Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

If wild nature adventures seem more intriguing, why not take the toddlers on a safari in Africa. While some may have their reasons as to why this is a bad idea, it is an experience that will get the young ones asking some amazing questions that they may have not otherwise thought about. There are plenty of National Parks in Tanzania that are child friendly. If spending the night in the park and being on a tour with a guide doesn’t sound like doable, consider renting a vehicle for the day and being back in your hotel come evening time.

Another experience that is a bit different for your kids is going on a cruise as nowadays cruise ships have a little bit of everything. Before booking, look into what programmes are available for the young ones, what the cabins consist of, what dining options are available and any other concerns you may have. If this is the first cruise you will take as a family, it might be wise to start with a short 3-4 day cruise and see how get on. If all goes well, you can look into a longer trip for your next big adventure together.

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