Three of the best holiday destinations in South Korea

With a pulsating blend of traditional and modern attractions, South Korea is a paradise on earth and a breathtaking tourist destination. South Korea is rich in history, culture, nature, technology and exotic foods. Seoul – the capital and largest metropolis of the country – is a primary tourist destination that leaves visitors reveling. Here are three of the best tour and holiday destinations in South Korea, which also happens to be one of the best countries to live in the world.

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace is a remarkable building that was built in 1394 under the order of King Taejo – the founder and first king of the Joseon Dynasty. The palace originally comprised of a massive complex of 330 buildings, boasting 5,792 rooms, but many of the structures were destroyed during the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945).

Today, the palace comprises of several notable buildings, including the majestic Gangnyeongjeon Hall, which was originally used as the king's main living and sleeping quarters. The palace also houses the National Palace Museum and National Folk Museum of Korea.

Since Korea earned her freedom from Japan, the Korean government has done a commendable job of rebuilding the structures that were destroyed during the occupation. Gyeongbokgung is now arguably the most beautiful of its four sister palaces that are also located in Seoul.

2. Haeinsa Temple

The Temple of Haeinsa is one of the best holiday destinations in South Korea for people who are enthusiastic about Buddhism. The temple lies on the scenic Mount Kaya and is home to the oldest and most complete depository of Buddhist texts. The Buddhist texts date as far back as 1237 and are preserved in their original form engraved on 80,000 woodblocks.

A tour of Haeinsa Temple will take you on an unparalled, uplifting and spiritual journey down history and reveal remarkable 15th century architecture, art work and mastery of ancient conservation techniques used to preserve the woodblocks. This is a tour you absolutely have to experience for yourself.

3. Korean Folk Village

The Korean Folk Village closes our list of three best tour and holiday destinations in South Korea. The village is a living museum, occupying about 243 acres of land in the picturesque province of Gyeonggi at Yongin-si. You will see more than 260 different types of traditional Korean living structures built in the exact same way that houses were built during the late Joseon Dinasty.

Within the Korean Folk Village is a traditional market that trades in a variety of traditional Korean crafts, including musical instruments, metalwork and fans. There is also an Art Museum, a Folk Museum and an amusement park with rides that will complete a truly memorable family holiday.

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