The best holiday deals summer 2011

We have decided to put together a couple of the best holiday deals of summer 2011. While there are lots of great offerings these are two of our favourites both for location and price.

Turkey: Turkey is one of the favourite hotspots for tourism and with good reason, amazing beaches, weather and culture are just some of the reasons that people can't get enough of Turkey.

There has been a slight drop in the amount of tourism to Turkey in recent years. It became a little too pricey for some so they had to holiday elsewhere. Luckily for you guys we have found a trip with over 50% off the original price.

How does seven nights at the 3 star Hermes Hotel in Marmaris with breakfast included sound to you? Pretty amazing right? This trip would normally cost you £459 per person but thanks to the discount at Co-Operative Travel (co-operativetravel.co.uk) it will cost no more than £169 a head! This price includes your hotel room and breakfast every morning as well as your round trip flights to Turkey flying out from Gatwick on the 1st of July.

Majorca: Majorca, another favourite with British travellers thanks to the 'paradise meets parties' atmosphere. Majorca has everything from densely populated party areas to relaxed, historical areas. For these reasons it is loved by the Brits.

Again we managed to find a great deal on the same website (co-operativetravel.co.uk). This time you can get over £100 off the price of your tickets and hotel.  This is a seven night stay at the Fiesta Jungla, Magaluf that was originally £460 and is now only £349 per person. This is a self-catering holiday that all kicks off on the first of August with a flight from Manchester Airport.

With just a little bit of patience online there are some spectacular deals to be found. Make the most of your holiday this year, check out Co-Operative Travel and find the best holiday deals of summer 2011.



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