Best 'Hidden Bars' in London

There are thousands of bars to choose from in the exciting city of London. But rather than trying to hit the most popular bars that are often overcrowded and noisy, why not try some speakeasy ones that are scattered throughout the city.


The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

To start the list is The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. This unique place can be found underneath Breakfast Club in Spitalfields. Once you find the 'hidden entrance' which can be found behind the unassuming “SMEG Fridge Door”, you will be led downstairs where you will find pricy yet extremely tasty cocktails and a great atmosphere.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Ladies and Gentlemen bar in Kentish Town is another underground speakeasy. What used to be a public toilet has been transformed into a stylish cocktail lounge complete with classy jazz music and wonderful table service.


Discount Suit Company

Another basement cocktail bar is Discount Suit Company on Petticoat Lane in the Aldgate area. This speakeasy was a former tailor's workshop. Now it welcomes up to 60 people to relax on the vintage furniture while sipping on an interesting array of cocktails created by the mixologists.


The Little Yellow Door

The Little Yellow Door is another must visit speakeasy. The street level entrance brings you into a classy cocktail bar with a house party feel. Not only do they have amazing cocktails, but they also have some of the best roasts in the city.



Last but certainly not least is BYOC in the West End. As you can guess from its name, it is Bring Your Own Cocktail. This place can be found underneath Bedfordbury Street Juice Club and does not hold any alcohol themselves. All you do is pay £25 at The Juice Bar where you will then be led to the basement bar where a mixologist is waiting to create a magical drink for you based on the spirit you brought along.


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