Top three best haunted houses in England

Whether you believe in spirits and ghosts or not, it’s probably a good idea not to stay in haunted houses. England has its fair share of homes with paranormal activities scattered across the country from Northumberland to the countryside of Norfolk. Beware of ghosts, specters and unearthly goings at these top three best haunted houses in England.

Borley Rectory

Located in the village of Borley in Essex, the Borley rectory was built in 1863 on the grounds of a church or monasterythat had existed for many centuries before. It is said that cruel things happened on the rectory grounds in the past, including hanging of a nun and monksin a room under the church.

Ghostly activities begun soon after a family moved in to the mansion with creepy goings on being reported since. Sightings of a phantom and nuns driven in a carriage by headless men are one of the spooky stories reported by a number of eye-witnesses. Doorbells are rung by invisible beings and windows and doors smash together apparently on their own accord at Borley rectory.

Although, the rectory house burnt down in mysterious circumstances in 1939, its grounds are still accessible today. Believe what you may,but with a history of ghostly sightings and unearthly goings at the house stretching back over 100 years, this is still one of the all time best haunted houses in England.

Blickling Hall

The Blickling Estate located in the countryside of Norfolk was once the home of the Boleyn family. Stretching 5000 acres, the estate is home to the impressive, albeit haunted, Jacobean hall. The Blickling hall is laden with chilling ghost stories.

Among the ghost stories is sightings of spirits roaming in the gardens and climbing stairs in the house. The most hair-raising of the stories is that of the headless body of Anne Boleyn, who is said to roam the corridors of the hall at will. This is definitely not a place to be found walking around at night, if you ask us.

Blickling, Aylsham, Norfolk, NR11 6NF

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Chillingham Castle

The Chillingham Castle in Northumberland closes our list of best three haunted houses in England. The castle is notorious for the brutal and unpleasant things that happened in its grounds. The building was once a torture place for many years and many lives were lost in it. It is no surprise, therefore, that many spirits and ghosts haunt the castle.

The most famous ghost you will find at Chillingham castle is the eerie Lady Mary Berkeley. Lady Mary Berkeley begs water from anyone on sight, sending all scampering for safety. Creepy voices of two male ghost also sifts vividly from the chapel.If you are brave enough, attend a ghost tour organised by the castle. Just be warned, the ghost tour isn’t for the faint hearted.

Website: chillingham-castle.com

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