Best destinations for long stay winter holidays

You do not want to face another winter again. We have all been there before. So you find yourself looking for destinations for long stay winter holidays. Lucky for you, the world is full of places that are not so cold and bitter in the winter. You just have to journey a little south.

Let's have a look at five of the top places to go to for long stay winter holidays.

Thailand: What more can be said about this paradise. It is a great place for long stay winter holidays because the winter weather is spectacular and the country is full of fun. Go shopping in Bangkok, relax on the beaches of Phuket and go elephant trekking in Chiang Mai. Enjoy yourself!

Caribbean Tour: You can visit a host of countries in a Caribbean winter. With remarkable weather, pristine beaches, great food and welcoming cultures, a trip to the Caribbean is truly unique. Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Aruba are all worth a visit.

Cyprus: This Mediterranean getaway is also a perfection option for a winter long getaway. The island is full of beautiful scenery, unique ancient culture and friendly people. The architecture here is truly marvellous. Soak in all winter long!

Australia: Well during the UK winter, the weather is very summer like in Aussie land. Why not take a vacation here? See some Koala Bears and take in all the beautiful landscapes of this land.

Brazil: From jungles and beaches to clubs and bazaars, this country has something for everyone. And it's the site of the 2014 World Cup. You can also get to know South America's largest country in terms of size and economy. The cuisine is great too.

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