Where can you find the best deals on Disney in Florida

Best deals on Disney Florida

Are you thinking of hitting up Disneyworld in Florida for your next dream family holiday abroad? The perception of this destination for a holiday is that it will cost an unreasonable amount and you will likely have to save for a few years to afford it. This simply isn't the case! One company in the UK is offering the best deals on Disney in Florida right now, and we are going to check them out in this blog.

Disneyworld has long been the dream holiday destination of choice for countless families in the UK, with the phenomenal weather and entertainment options for the kids making it a winner for everybody. Virgin Holidays are the Uk's leader in getting a great deal to Florida, and you can check out their selection of holiday offers on their site at http://www.virginholidays.co.uk. All you have to do is click on the Florida tab to see the specials they are currently offering to travellers.

Virgin are a winning choice due to the fact they will let you choose your airport of departure from quite a few different options. You can fly from London Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and even Birmingham. One of Virgin's major advantages is that they can call on exclusive flight offers thanks to their Virgin Atlantic arm flying directly to Orlando from the UK.

Virgin are extremely easy to get a quote from as their extensive holiday search engine allows you to input the date and departure point, and it gets back to you instantly with a quote. They even have their full 2012 brochure online right now, and it can be viewed at http://www.virginholidays.co.uk/brochures/florida/info/welcome/.


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