The Best Day of the Dead 2013 Celebrations in Mexico

Day of the Dead makes it on to many peoples bucket lists and it is for a very good reason. No other festival has the uniqueness factor that this one does and you will not be disappointed with the festivities. Lets look at the best places for Day of the Dead 2013 celebrations in Mexico.

A Unique Experience

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a huge deal in Mexico and on this unique and special day, the locals believe that honoring their deceased relatives on this day willl mean their spirits can return home for a night. The best time to hit Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico is between October 31st and November 2nd as these are the days when most of the activities take place .Lets take a look at the best Day of the Dead 2013 celebrations in Mexico.

In the province and city of Oaxaca, this holiday turns into a week long celebration as the locals put on quite a show. This place is also the most popular tourist destination for the festival so the locals are well used to having visitors. It is highly recommended to set aside a couple of hours of your trip to walk around the local markets here to see all the items that the locals need to complete their Day of the Dead alters.

You can witness an all night vigil in remembrance of the dead in Pátzcuaro. Familly members who live dotted around Mexico return here for the holiday which honours their dead relatives. The families light candles at the graves of their deceased and light incense which burns through the night until dawn.

Catch a Flight to Mexico City

If you are interested in something a little more eccentric and in line with the Western perception of the festival then head to Guanajuato where you can witness a parade with people dressed in skeleton suits and mummy dress. All three of these destinations surround Mexico City so flying in there is best and then organising transport to take you to your chosen town for the best Day of the Dead 2013 celebrations in Mexico.

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