The best Caribbean islands to go for holidays

If you’re planning a beach holiday, you might want to take a look at our compilation of best Caribbean islands to help you make a decision. Whether you're planning a honeymoon or an escapade with a bunch of friends, each of these islands has something special to offer from soft, sandy beaches and flavourful cuisines to spectacular nature and landmarks.

Where to go

  • Saint Martin

Saint Martin is one of the best Caribbean islands to go for a holiday even if it’s only to marvel at its unique administration. It is half Dutch and half French. The airport is on the Dutch side, but it isn’t really far to get to the French-administered part. Book early and you get good prices eliminating the need to spend more than necessary. Orient Beach on the French side has a two-kilometre long beach where clothing is optional. There’s also a great nightlife on that side for party goers. The Dutch part is better known for its boutiques and duty-free shopping.

  • Anguila

Anguila remains a British dependency. It is just one hour away from Saint Martin so even if you cannot afford the pricey accommodation on the island you can do a day or sailing trip to Anguila from Saint Martin. White powdery beaches and fewer crowds lure visitors to this quiet island. It’s an idyllic spot for honeymooners and for those seeking tranquility.

  • Dominica

For those who want more than good diving and great beaches, the Dominica is a fantastic option. Here, you’ll find the highest mountains in the Eastern Caribbean with lots of good spots for hiking amidst an incredible nature.

  • Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a good value place to go where the pound sterling can go miles. In addition to the lively atmosphere of the island, you’ll find great beaches ideal for couples, groups and families at reasonable prices. Punta Cana is a favourite spot for many visitors with lots of affordable accommodation and amenities. If you get tired of bumming on the beach, there are also mountains you can explore. Let’s just say the island has more to offer than just beaches and bars.

  • Barbados

Barbados is a fine example of good tourism management. A British-influenced island, it has many tourist attractions, fantastic cuisine as well as lovely beaches.

And more

The list of best Caribbean islands can go on and on. From upscale tourism in the islands of Mustique and St. Barthelemy to more affordable Cuba and Tobago, there’s a suitable island for all types of budgets and styles. Don’t forget Grenada, the ‘Spice Island’ with its jungles, fantastic harbour and the unspoiled beauty of Carriacou, located 17 miles northeast off the island.

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