Three of the best British beaches

Britain is blessed with over 10,000 miles of coastline and endless strips of breathtaking beaches. It’s likely you might never get time to discover all of the beaches Britain has to offer. Fortunately, we’ve narrowed your search and picked out three of the best British beaches with miles of coastal walks, golden dunes or just the perfect wave to let the kids run wild on your next beach break.

1. Barafundle Bay beach

Barafundle Bay beach, located on the southcoast of Pembrokeshire, around 6km from the town of Pembroke, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK, if not the whole world. It offers seven miles of glorious sands backed by dunes and pine trees that stretch from Southbourne, passing through Bournemouth to the Millionaires Row, which is the Sandbanks Peninsular.

Enjoy a great day out with family and friends at the busiest section of the beach on the side closest to Bournemouth. Walk a short distance towards Poole and arrive at Alum Chine, a quieter section with a stunning blue flag beach for a more laid back beach experience.

Bournemouth is only 1 hour 50 minutes away from London Waterloo by train journey.

2. Studland Bay

Studland Bay's 5km of gently sloping beaches and excellent swimming water present the perfect getaway for the kids. The Bay boarders a huge nature reserve with vast expanses of rolling dunes (mostly deserted) and fine open sand, making it one of the best British beaches.

Aside from the spectacular beaches in the Studland Peninsula, enjoy olde worlde charms at fantastic country pubs in the area. You can make side trips to Studland Bay easily from Poole or Bournemouth.

Journeys to Poole from London Waterloo only take 2 hours by train.

3. West Wittering beach

Closing our list of best British beaches is the West Wittering beach. Located on the Manhood Peninsula in the Chichester district, West Wittering beach has an EC Blue Flag for water cleanliness and a Beach Award from the Tidy Britain Group for general cleanliness and facilities.

West Wittering has neatly mown grass bordering the beach that are perfect for picnics and parking, a thriving dune ecosystem with absorbing coastal flora and fauna and superior water quality. The beach’s close proximity to London makes it perfect for day or weekend beach breaks from the capital.

Journeys to Chichester from London Victoria only takes 1 hour 30 minutes by train.

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