Best beaches to surf in the world

For many surfers there is nothing as important as going out for the day and hitting the waves. While there are countless beaches to choose from around the world, here are our 5 recommendations of the best beaches to surf in the world if you are looking to travel and find new, challenging waves.

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Tofino, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia is a surfing dream. With 22 miles of beach front, there is plenty of space for everyone and for surfers of all different levels. Much of the beach is guarded by a rainforest, which makes the beach not only uniquely interesting, but it also blocks the wind and creates almost perfect surfing conditions. The most ideal time to head here for the warm temperatures is from March until September. For those that do not mind colder temperatures and want to hit bigger waves, you can pack your wet suit and tackle much bigger waves during the winter months.

Montanita Beach in Montanita, Ecuador is on the west coast of this exotic South American country. With a tropical climate and waves reaching an average of 2.5 metres, this is the perfect place for experienced surfers to enjoy warm weather and work on their skills. Take note though that January might be the main month to avoid due to all the tourists that appear during this month. After having a full day on the beach, you can relax in one of the many hippie style bars. To reach this beach, it is best to fly into Guayaquil and then take a direct bus to Montanita.

One of the most famous places to surf in the world is Banzai Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii. This place has numerous beaches along 120 miles of coastline and is home to some of the world's heaviest waves during the winter months with some reaching over 6 metres. On an average though, they are usually a more modest 3 metres. The shallow reef makes for an exciting and unforgettable tube ride but beware, this place is definitely not for beginners!

Indonesia is a wonderful place to surf if you are ever in that part of the world. Many Australians and Hawaiians flood to this area to check out the waves, especially during the months from April to October. Ulu Watu and Kuta in Bali are 2 wonderful places for surfers to explore. Beginners may want to head to Kuta where there is 3 miles of some of the top beachfront in Bali and there aren't many dangerous rocks or coral for beginners to worry about. The more experienced among you should head south to Uluwatu where waves reach up to 3.5 metres. May until September is when there are offshore winds and as a result tourists generally flock to the area.

Last but definitely not least is Bundoran in County Donegal, Ireland. Here, the Atlantic water plays home to surfers all year round. In 2011. the European Surfing Championships were held here and in 2012, National Geographic listed it in the top 20 Surf Towns in the world making it all the more popular, especially between September and November. There is also the Bundoran Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival held every June if you want to mix your surfing with a pretty great weekend session.

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