Best beaches near Magaluf

While Magaluf is often associated with being one big party scene, it is also renowned for some fantastic beaches. If you are considering staying in Magaluf but want to visit a few different beaches while you are there, look no further. Here are a few not to be missed spots to relax during your stay.

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Playa de Magaluf is the most popular beach that is in the centre of everything. 7km from Calvia, this is the ideal place if you want to people watch or just don’t want to feel like you are missing out on anything. It is a 1km stretch of beach full of beach bars, restaurants, lounge chairs and people having a good time. There is also a nice long promenade to stroll along if you want to stretch your legs for an extended period of time.

If Playa de Magaluf sounds like exactly the opposite type of experience you are looking for, head 2 km over to Cala Vinyas which is a much smaller and quieter beach. With a small 60m-long bay, low cliffs and sheltering palm trees, this is a lovely area which feels a little more secluded and away from all the noise. It is ideal for visitors with children as the water is shallow and there is a playground nearby.

Palma Nova, 7km from Calvia, has seafront that includes 3 different beaches, each one a little different than the next. Es Carregador is the smallest one towards the east stretching only 600 short metres but t is a little slice of tranquil bliss. There is also a small marina nearby and plenty of seafood restaurants to choose from for your paella dish.

The 1km beach of Playa de Palma Nova is in the middle of the three and is a great place for watersports such as paragliding, scuba diving, boat trips, and other activities. The last of the three beaches is Son Maties which is closest to Magaluf. This beach has a very different vibe than the other two beaches as there are numerous trendy bars along the shore, loads of hotels nearby and 1km of crowded, busy beach.

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