Best Beach Restaurants in Ibiza

Ibiza boasts a wide array of stunning beach restaurants that make the island an ideal location for the ultimate beach holiday experience. From rustic seaside shacks to chic, modern establishments, Ibiza has it all. If you are looking for a sunbathing experience like no other served up with delicious sushi, seafood, Asiatic, Mediterranean and modern cuisines, Ibiza’s the place to go. Here are three of the best beach restaurants in Ibiza that offer spectacular beach views.

Malibu Ibiza

Malibu Ibiza is the very definition of timeless seaside glamour and high quality cuisine. The restaurant overlooks the pristine, sparkling seas of Las Salinas and boasts an impressive 30-year heritage of world-class service and hospitality. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Malibu always features on lists of best beach restaurants in Ibiza.

The restaurant’s mouth-watering menu includes exotic fusions and classic summer treats like the Kobe burger and paella, as well as fresh sea foods. If you have not heard of Kobe, it is a scrumptious, upscale beach burger created by Malibu’s head chef José Torres Garrido. Snacks, cocktails and fresh juices are served up on the café-style side of the restaurant under stylish white umbrellas.

For more information call: +34 971 396 580

Website: http://www.ibizamalibu.es/en

Amante Beach Club & Restaurant

Amante Beach Club Restaurant sits above the secluded cove of Sol Den Serra. It offers mesmerising views of the twinkling Mediterranean Seas ahead and majestic cliffs all around. The serene environment is breathtaking and picturesque; the restaurant’s service, excellent and seamless.

Enjoy Ibiza’s best cocktail creations and fine food from your stylish white sun bed in the upper "chill-out" section of the restaurant or dig your feet into the sand on the ground level section of the restaurant. The choice of how to enjoy your beach holiday is totally up to you.

For more information call: +34 971 196 176

Website: http://www.amanteibiza.com/

Ocean Beach Club Ibiza

Closing our list of best beach restaurants in Ibiza is the new kid on the block: Ocean Beach Club Ibiza. Ocean Beach Club Ibiza sits on the island's hottest piece of real estate in San Antonio. It has established itself as the place to be on the west coast of the island.

Ocean Beach Club boasts rows of double and single sun loungers lined up on stunning green astro turf, private roof terraces, VIP cabanas and much more. You might have a hard time deciding where you want to chill out and be seen within this luxurious, all-new beach restaurant!

For more information call: +34 971 803 260

Website: http://www.oceanclubibiza.com/

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