Best and worst places to live in the UK

Choosing a place to live and settle down in is no small thing and is not a decision that should not be rushed into. To get a better idea of some of the best and worst places to live in the UK, the Quality of Life Index from uSwitch looked at 138 local areas in 2013 and assessed them on 24 factors. Here are a few of the best and worst places to live in the UK based on the findings.

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In terms of life expectancy, Glasgow is at the bottom for men who live to an average age of 72 and 78 years old for women. This is rather low compared to Solihull where the average man lives an extra 9 years to reache 81 and women average 84 years of age. That alone is quite telling of the area and lifestyle differences and the impact that an area can have on your overall health and well-being.

The Scottish borders had the lowest Gross Weekly Income levels only reaching £403 while Berkshire sat pretty at the top with £609. Weekly rent paid in the Scottish borders averaged £76 and £73 in Berkshire. So on top of making less, those living in the Scottish borders also are paying more in rent than comparable people residing in Berkshire.

If internet speed is something you judge your quality of living standards by then you may want to consider moving to Solihull. Here the broadband speed hits an average speed of 17 Mbps which is significantly higher than the UK average of 14.7 Mbps. Caithness & Sunderland and Ross & Cromarty are at the bottom end of the scale where speeds only reach a paltry 5 Mbps meaning you won't be likely to start up any online business from the comfort of your own home.

After assessing all 24 of the factors though, Solihull comes out on top as being the best place to live closely followed by North Yorkshire CC. Both receive over 1400 hours of sunshine per year, another factor which obviously impacts strongly on happiness levels. At the bottom of the list is the Scottish Borders and East and North Ayrshire Mainland. Here, they receive a whopping 249 less sunshine hours than Solihull. If all you are interested in is scenery though, even the places at the bottom of the list are quite stunning in their own rights.

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