Best American cities to live in

With so many cities to choose from, it is hard to figure out which is the best American city to live in and more importantly, the best American city to live in for you. Everyone is looking for something different and are at different stages in life, so here are a few cities with perks to suit a variety of people.

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The city of Raleigh, situated in North Carolina is a family friendly city. One of the major considerations parents need to think about in the States are the local school districts. Are the public and private school strong? Are they affordable? It will depend on the school, but overall Raleigh's public schools are strong. There is also a low crime rate, plenty of outdoor activities for the children to enjoy and interesting museums to explore. Raleigh takes pride in having the highest basketball hoops to residents ratio in the country. The Human Life Project in 2013 named it the most family friendly city in America.

For college grads, you will be looking for something a little different in a city. Just having recently graduated, you are probably hoping to spread your wings and make your own path in life and Austin, Texas could help you discover the new you. Austin offers the greatest number of jobs to new graduates each year and it shows with an unemployment rate of just 3%. Over a quarter of the residents in Austin are between 20 - 34 years old, ensuring that there is always something happening in the city. Austin bigs itself up as the "Live Music Capital of the World" so it is bound to be buzzing. More biotech and pharmaceutical companies are emerging as well, so if you studied in these areas then Austin, Texas might be the perfect fit for you.

Those looking for an ideal place to retire may want to look at Brevard, North Carolina. Situated on the border with Georgia, this city is a hidden gem in many ways. Home to 7,000 people, Brevard is scenic, quiet and cozy, yet also offers many activities to do. There is plenty of great fishing on the area and if you ever wanted to try kayaking but could never find time, you can try it out here. There are also the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains and Pisgah National Forest nearby for stretching your legs and getting your weekly dose of fresh air.

For the single folks out there, Chicago, Illinois is a great place to meet people from all walks of life. There are numerous neighbourhoods to explore and people populating every nook and cranny of the city meaning there is a place and scene for everyone. With top jazz, music, comedy and nightclubs, you will never get bored. Chicago is on the doorstep of the Great Lakes too which offers you a chance to get out and experience some awesome nature on the weekends.

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