Best airport near New York

New York. The most populous city in the United States and an icon in its' own right. Not only is there a wide variety of ethnicities and personalities, but also a vast number of unmissable sights. Before planning out all the things you are going to do while in town though, first take a look at what airport is the right one for you to fly into.

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John F Kennedy (JFK) airport is the most well-known and largest of the airports with 8 terminals, 4 runways and over 100 airlines operating out of it. This is by far the best airport for international arrivals given the size and capacity to handle a large amount of passengers. Once you land you are only 15 miles outside of downtown Manhattan meaning you are pretty much in town already. The light rail, AirTran, connects to the NYC Subway as well as the Long Island Railroad for easy access of the city.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), more commonly known as Newark, is the closest airport to lower Manhattan. Although it is well known for delays, it is a much quieter airport to arrive in when compared to JFK and much easier to get around. The AirTran runs from the airport to the airport train station. From there, you can simply take the New Jersey Transit train to NY Penn Station which takes roughly 20 minutes all in.

La Guardia (LGA) is the smallest of the main three New York airports. Any flight that arrives here needs to have a departure point that is closer than 2000 miles to be allowed to land. Therefore, it mainly caters for domestic flights as well as a few Canadian flights. It is only 8 miles from upper Manhattan but you will need to take a bus if you want to use public transportation as there is no connection to the subway or train lines from here.

Taxis are another option for getting into the city centre. A taxi from LGA costs around $30-40 plus tips and tolls. JFK has a set flat rate airport taxi tariff at $45 plus tolls and tips. Because it is based in New Jersey, Newark is the most expensive ride though at around $50-60 plus tolls and a tip. If you are travelling light and don’t mind public transportation, it is easily the cheapest, and even sometimes, quickest way to get about.

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