Berlin is best: the Berlin Wall is the largest open air gallery in the world.

Outside art can be enjoyed for free, you don’t have to queue to get in and it makes for an enlightening winter walk. High on the BBC’s list of the best public art in the world on offer in the street is, understandably, Berlin’s so called East Side Gallery, namely Germany's Berlin Wall. If outdoor sculptures can sometimes lie in relative obscurity, the Berlin Wall is high profile, a poignant reminder of what the bleak communist regime meant for East Berliners, and a memorial to freedom.

1.3km long, The East Side Gallery (www.eastsidegallery.com) is the longest extant stretch of the wall, which fell in September 1989, and is covered in around 106 murals and graffiti by artists from all over the world. Having suffered the onslaught of the elements and vandalism over the last 20 years, the gallery, which is near the city centre, is now being restored. It’s a short train ride away (alight at Ostbahnhof), and the art work is pretty amazing.

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