Benidorm holidays from Dublin - all you need to know

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Benidorm is a top tourist destination for good reason. The following is some useful information about Benidorm holidays from Dublin.


Benidorm is a coastal town in the Alicante province in the east of Spain. The town has a number of beautiful beaches. Benidorm has its own special climate due to the mountains surrounding the town. The annual average temperature is 18 degrees and is around 26 degrees during the summer.


Alicante airport is located just an hour's drive from Benidorm. Ryanair fly to Alicante airport at least once per day and up to three times a day during peak summer season. Flight duration is just under three hours. Flight prices depend on when you wish to travel. For more details please check www.ryanair.com. Aer Lingus also fly from Dublin to Alicante most days of the week. Flights on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday depart at 17.55 and arrive there at 21.50. Flights on Thursday leave at 7.40 in the morning and get to Alicante at 11.35. Prices start at €50 one way.


Benidorm is one of Spain's top tourist resorts and as a result there are many hotels and accommodation options to choose from. The Hotel Benidorm Plaza is located right in the heart of downtown Benidorm and is only a few metres from the nearest beach. They currently have a special offer of a discount of 10% if you book 2 days in advance and for a minimum of four nights. Hotel Don Pancho has a number of excellent features including open air swimming pool, sunbathing terrace and tennis court. For more information on Benidorm holidays from Dublin, www.lowcostholidays.com offers some excellent options.

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