Benidorm, a smashing all-rounder

Yes, you’ve got to bring the mother in law on holiday with you – so where do you go – Benidorm of course. Now you could bring her to one of the cabaret shows, men in drag, maybe a striptease, something that passes for comedy, but if you want our advice – we'd head straight for the cactus garden exhibition…

Now, the all important decision – where do you stay? Your wallet could easily enough stretch to one of the luxury Hotels in Benidorm. But would you want to treat the mother in law to two weeks at the Sheraton Real de Faula Golf & Resort 34 966 811 667, The Marina- , Avenida Cuenca 6, Benidorm - +34 965 853 762, or The Villaitana Wellness Golf & Business Resort +34 966 815 000, all at your expense?

No, of course not – it should be straight down to the Hotel Perla or The Trebol Apatments for you and the lovely family.

Play this one right, and you’ll be enjoying your holidays for the rest of your days.

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