Bending and bonding on a Greek beach

What better way to start your holiday than, in view of the Aegean Sea, you find yourself sitting beside two Germaine Greer-esque women talking earnestly about their chakras. At the next table a posh English voice squealing with laughter, ‘I can’t believe you know Bunty, my psychotherapist.’

Ooops! looks like you’ve landed on the wrong side of the island – literally. For this is the fluffy, more-money-than-sense, tree-hugging crew of neo-loopers who have come to Skyros for the ‘embracing uncertainty’ week.

You need to get to the other side with the boozing writers who have come for the writing week. They’ll be the ones postponing actually doing any writing and ordering more booze while talking about writing.

At the Skyros Centre, you begin your day with a belt of Yoga, then brekkie on the terrace overlooking the sea. The writing classes began at about 10am, in a cafè or down near the beach. The cafè owners were only too happy to supply us with endless pastries and cappuccinos while we waited for the muse to strike, and watch out when she does, because she will.

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