Belfast's got the buzz

Warning: steer clear of men in grey shoes in Belfast, they often carry a loaded bible. And that’s about as dangerous as it’ll get in Belfast these days – even if getting belted with chapter and verse of Revelations is scarring stuff.

It’s as easy a city to get into and out of as any you can think of. Flights to Belfast come in from all over the place, Bristol, London, Liverpool, Midlands, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Blackpool and on and on and on........And in the town with more BMWs per head than any other British city, do you want to spend your time on misery tours of the infamous Crumlin Road Jail, Falls Road or the Europa Hotel – the most bombed hotel in Europe?

Of course not, you’ll want to be getting groovy with the new Buzzin’ Belfastese themselves who know how to throw a damn good party. The end of the month sees the Open House Festival with American roots, bluegrass - including a tribute to Elvis - Cajun, gospel and traditional Irish music. Check out Openhousefestival.com for more.

And if you’re skint, grab a kip at Arnie’s Backpacker’s on Fitzwilliam Street. Beds for under a tenner a night – done deal.

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