Belfast Flights

Belfast flights are also a great idea for a quick family get away. Want to know why? Take a look at some of Belfast’s many attractions that make a weekend visit memorable.

The Hilden Brewing Company: Located along the outskirts of Belfast on Grand Street, the Hilden Brewing Company features guided tours that show every step in the brewing process. Lucky patrons also get to sample a bit of the results.

Shandon Park Golf Club: Located in East Belfast, Shandon Park Golf Club offers championship calibre golf in a relaxed atmosphere. The nineteenth hole features a great bar and good eats that cap off a fun day out on the links.

Belvoir Forest Park: Located in South Belfast, Belvoir Forest Park features fantastic walking paths and unspoiled terrine that are nestled round a quietly beautiful pine forest. Hikers who enjoy bird watching will also enjoy seeing many species of birds who call this place home.

Aunt Sandra's Candy Store: Looking for something the whole family can enjoy? Why not visit Aunt Sandra's Candy Store? Located in East Belfast, Aunt Sandra's candy store makes sweet treats the old fashioned way--by hand! Visitors can watch cooks make up by hand batches of candies and chocolates using recipes that date back to the 19th century.

To learn more about these great places, book a flight to Belfast. There’s no better way to see a great city that has a lot to offer to holiday makers who want a short break from it all.

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