Are you looking for Belfast city centre car hire payment by debit card only?

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Are you looking for Belfast city centre car hire with payment by debit card only? Here’s all the information you need to hire a car in Belfast today.

If you’re looking for the flexibility to explore Belfast and Northern Ireland at your own pace then renting a car is the ideal option for you. Whether you want to travel Belfast city, take a coastal drive up to the Giant’s Causeway or travel outside of County Antrim there is a car for everyone and to suit every budget. Here are the most trusted car suppliers, who all accept payments made by debit card. They each accept Laser and Maestro as well as most credit cards.

Arguscarhire is a trusted brand, which was established in 1959. If you choose to hire a car from this agent you can choose to pick up your vehicle at one of four destinations, Belfast City Airport, Belfast International Airport, Great Victoria Street and Grosvenor Road. Car rental is available from this company to anyone over the age of 18 with a suitable drivers license. You are offered 24 hour phone support and booking is a simple three-step process. Prices begin from €16 per day. For more information see arguscarhire.ie/Belfast.

Another option for car rental in Belfast is carhire3000. Prices begin from €21 per day and they offer the same pick up locations as Argushire. They recommend that drivers approaching them should be aged between 25-70 and additional fees apply for drivers aged under 25. In this case it is cheaper for such drivers to choose argushire.

Whatever company you choose you can be certain they both accept debit cards!

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