Top Belfast attractions

Belfast is a great city to visit: there's lots of culture, quiet beaches and a beautiful coast line, good nightlife, surprising history and much more. It is a city that you should consider when planning your next break away - you won't be disappointed. Here we look at some top Belfast attractions to enjoy.

What to do in Belfast

There are many great Belfast attractions, but one of the best is Belfast Castle and the Cave Hill. The Castle has pretty gardens (with an unusual theme!) and sweeping views over the city. If you are feeling energetic, take a walk to the top of Cave Hill for some unrivalled views of Belfast and its surrounds. The walk is a little steep in parts but well worth it for the views you get.

Botanic Gardens near Belfast city centre is quite a beautiful spot, and where the locals come to relax. On sunny days it is full of people having a kick-about or enjoying a picnic.

The nearby Ulster Museum is worth a look as well. The museum reopened its doors after extensive renovation - and the money and work that has gone into the project is evident when you walk in. It is divided into zones: the welcome zone, art zone, nature zone and history zone. There are dinosaurs, mummies and a look back at the history of Belfast. Admission is free.

Belfast is the birthplace of the Titanic and the city offers many Titanic themed tours. With the Lagan Boat Company you can take to the water and discover the Harland and Wolfe shipyards where the ship was built 100 years ago.

If you like books, pay a visit to the birthplace of C.S Lewis and see the house he grew up and where Narnia came to life. You can also see the school that he attended.

The Coast Road is a must do while in Northern Ireland. Rent a car and drive the stunning route between Belfast to Londonderry/Derry. There are beautiful spots along the way including forests, glens, waterfalls, the Giant's Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. During the summer months, Translink (Northern Ireland's transport organisation) run buses along this scenic route - but a car will allow you to explore at your own pace.


Belfast attractions aren't the only reason to go. Belfast is becoming more popular with visitors from Europe and further afield. Rihanna filmed her new video there and this year's Europe Music Awards are being hosted in Belfast. Belfast has had a mixed past but its future seems bright - so take some time to explore this unique city.

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