Beautiful Bratislava: ideal for an early autumn break.

The western European urban tourist trail is well trodden and you may feel that the former eastern European cities have been firmly added to the travellers’ track. In fact, Slovakian capital Bratislava appears to have maintained its low-key charm, with the more serious hordes heading for Prague and Budapest.

Bratislava is one of the four European capital cities located on the banks of the Danube. It boasts a rich history, beautiful sites, breathtaking views and a compact pretty old town with cosy cafes, restaurants and good local wine. Its main street is Michalska, where you will also find St Martin's cathedral. 11 Hungarian kings and eight queens were crowned here.

Visit the Primate’s Palace with its famous Hall of Mirrors and museums, and the castle which towers above the old town and dominates the skyline. Once part of the Habsburg Empire, Bratislava has a rich heritage of Baroque palaces and Gothic treasures. And a trip to the Chatam Sofer Jewish Memorial (Zizkova 1,) makes a poignant stop.

Ryanair flies direct to Bratislava from London Stansted and Luton, Bristol, Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburgh and Liverpool. Or if you’re visiting Vienna, it’s a stone's throw from the Austrian border. For further information, visit www.bratislava.com.

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