Beach holiday destinations in Corfu

Corfu is an island that’s laden with history and blessed with natural beauty, so it’s ideal for a sightseeing holiday or a relaxing beach break. Hot and dry summers provide plenty of opportunities for tourism. There are plenty of beach holiday destinations in Corfu, so tourists can avoid the crowds.

Beach breaks

Quiet beaches, sandy beaches and isolated coves dot the landscape, so a beach holiday in Corfu can mean mornings spent enjoying activities on a crowded beach and afternoons away from the crowds in a quiet spot.

Quiet beaches

There are quiet beaches available on three coasts, so there should be one close to your hotel. On the west coast, Ermones offers a quiet beach in a small cove situated below the hillside. On the east coast, Avlaki offers a long bay and clear sea. The northern coast is home to Agnos, a small bay just outside of Roda that offers a pebbled beach and incredible views out to sea.

Sandy beaches

There are four beaches on the west coast that have to be visited during your break. Chalikounas is an ideal stop for wind surfers due to the strong winds in the area. Glyfada is perhaps the finest beach on the island. Several bars and tavernas are situated nearby and there are plenty of apartments and hotels, so you can stay just minutes from the beach. The other two beaches share the same name, Agios Georgios. The most northerly one is ideal for a family because of its large sandy cove, whilst the southerly one is surrounded by olive groves and lined with very fine sand.

Isolated coves

If you have to enjoy your beach holiday to Corfu in splendid isolation then you should visit Agni Bay. The bay’s name means ‘unspoilt’ which describes it perfectly. It’s on the north east coast and is set among olive groves which grow on both sides of the bay. There are only three tavernas and no other signs of life except for the occasional motor boat moored at the jetty. This is a peaceful and idyllic spot and should be on the ‘to do list’ of any tourist to Corfu.

Final word

Any beach holiday to Corfu will offer great scenery, incredible weather and relaxation by the bucket full. If you would like to make the most of the isolation available to you on some of the beaches, visit them during the week. Of course, if the holiday is about meeting people and enjoying yourself socially, then there are plenty of popular beaches dotted up and down the island which you could enjoy with other tourists as well as the island's inhabitants.

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