Basel: a great autumn destination

If you’re starting to get a little restless and feel like it’s time to be on the move, why not take an autumn break to Basel, Switzerland? Known as the ‘Triangle’ (Dreiländereck) because of its location virtually on the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland, Basel offers a unique blend of cultures and languages that makes for a fascinating mix.

With at least 40 museums in town, there’s plenty of culture to be had in this cosmopolitan city. You can also sign up for some fun at the annual Basel Autumn Fair, which was first initiated with the permission of Emperor Frederick III in 1471.

The fair begins 14 days before St. Martin's day with the ringing of the traditional Fair Bell of St. Martin's Church at the stroke of noon on the Saturday before the 30th of October. This year the amusement fair starts on the 29th of the month and continues, as tradition has it, for two weeks ending on the third Sunday evening.

The fairground venues are brightly lit and quite magical and you should also head for the big market on the Petersplatz for all kinds of culinary treats, including Rosekiechli (rose shaped pastries), Magenbrot (clove and ginger biscuits) and Mässmögge (hazelnut sweets).

All venues are in the centre of town and in the Messhalle (see basel.com for further details and a map) where you can also taste over 3000 different wines at the Basel Wine Fair.

Easy Jet flies to Basel from Edinburgh and London Gatwick or you can take the train with Eurostar (eurostar.com) from London St Pancras International to Basel via Paris.

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