BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel: a review

BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel is an inexpensive place to stay in German's former capital. The property boasts of 15 themed caravans and 2 US Airstreams. That’s not the only unique aspect of this accommodation for young people. Prices are very reasonable ensuring that you will have a great time in Bonn without paying a fortune.

    BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel


BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel is still new but, if you are on a limited budget this place is a great option. Located on In der Raste 1, Bonn, this lodging holds the distinction as the only hostel in the world with themed caravans. In addition to the caravans and Airstreams, it also offers 2 original overnight sleepers.

  • Room types

1. 11 individually themed caravans with standard double rooms

2. VW buses with basic double rooms

3. Night sleeper with 10 rooms. Each room has 6 beds.

4. Big bus with 16 beds

If you need privacy, you can also book a basic single room. For this, you will be housed on 2 individually themed caravans. Couples have the opportunity as well to book standard 2 beds or stay in a deluxe 2-bed apartment.

  • Prices

If you plan to travel to Bonn this month, rates are €50 for a standard single private room with a shared bathroom while twin private will cost €30. Rooms go rather fast so if you are planning to visit Germany, reserve your accommodation as early as possible. For 2014, you will still get rooms such as the basic 4 bed mixed dorm at €24 per head. All their rates include breakfast, linen, towels, taxes as well as free wi-fi and parking.

PHOTO GALLERY: BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel


Feedback for BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel varies but overall, it has a good reputation. The site is located strategically although those who do not have their own private vehicles might find the location cumbersome as it will be a 5-km trek straight to the city. The staff is friendly and competent and the premises are clean. However, tall people might find the beds a bit cramped while others feel it is overpriced for the facilities offered.

PHOTO GALLERY: BaseCamp Bonn Young Hostel

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