Barge Holidays in Scotland: Luxury on Board while Cruising Scottish Waterways

Having barge holidays in Scotland is one of the best ways to explore the canals of this delightful region. Unlike the famous gondola-strewn canals of Venice, the beautiful waterways of Scotlandare still one of its hidden jewels. As such, there is a very good chance that you would not have to combat crowds when you do find the time to visit the place.

The Caledonian Discovery

Described as an activity holiday afloat, the Caledonian Discovery offered at holidayuk.co.uk allows you and your loved ones to travel along Loch Ness as well as the Caledonian Canal while enjoying delightful meals and other home comforts aboard the Fingal of Caledonia, an expansive and cosily comfortable barge that can accommodate up to 12 persons in twin cabins. As central heating is provided, you can still enjoy this particular trip even in winters. Guests aboard will visit a new location for each day of the cruise. Water sports, cycling and walking expeditions, as well as other activities are also provided for guests.

Aboard the Scottish Highlander

For a more luxurious barge holiday, you can try booking passage on the Scottish Highlander at gobarging.com. Getting aboard the eight-passenger cruiser is like staying afloat on a lovely Scottish country home, complete with tartan furnishings and a competent Scottish crew to see to all your needs. All 117 feet of the barge is designed to cater to your utmost satisfaction.

The barge offers four en-suite cabins, which come with double or twin beds, as well as eight bikes if you like to cycle around during stopovers. A seasoned chef is also on board, ready at any time to give you a sumptuous introduction to the delights of Scottish cuisine, ranging from pheasant breast to navarin of lamb and marinated salmon. An assortment of liquors and cheeses are also available at the wine cellar and cheese board, respectively.

Barge holidays in Scotland are available all year round. They are, however, quite sought after so make sure you book your trip in advance.

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