Ideas for bargain short breaks UK (in the UK)

Bargain short breaks UK

Putting together a stag for an upcoming wedding? Looking for ideas for something you can do in the UK without breaking the bank? More and more websites are springing up devoted to helping to inspire you when it comes to UK breaks, and we are here to help, as we present a site offering phenomenal deals on bargain short breaks UK (in the UK).

Given the current state of the UK economy, a lot of people are finally beginning to see "staycations" as a viable alternative to a pricey weekend away abroad. With the amount of activities one can undertake in the UK, it is about time in our opinion! One site offering some fantastic options to a person seeking ideas is the Brilliant Trips website at http://www.brillianttrips.co.uk/.

We don't hesitate to recommend this site due to the eclectic mix of options it offers to holidaymakers, offering a wide range of UK wide activities including 4x4 Off Road Driving, Absailing, Archery, Beer Tasting, Belly Dancing, Cocktail Clinics, Nights out at the Dogs, and even canal breaks. The site has a dedicated section for Stags and Hen party ideas, and they even cater for corporate and club trips.

The best part of the site is the prices, though. Most activity weekends come in well under the £200 mark, making them an unbelievable option for the budget savvy. There is even a dedicated section of the site for breaks that come in under £100, so they are well worth a look!


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