Want bargain holidays 2011?

The Summer is upon us and everybody likes to get away and is looking for a great deal to save money.There are incredible savings to be made at firstchoice.co.uk and you can save up to £400 on bargain holidays 2011 between May and June for 2 people! You can also  save up to 20% on some holidays between July and October. Check their site for details on all offers. There is limited availability and time period so book now to avoid disappointment.

With flights leaving from airports all around the UK at Stansted and Gatwick airports in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Birmingham, Doncaster and East Midlands airport to beautiful locations around the world.

From as little as little as £140, four people can go from Stansted airport to Menorca for 11 nights. Menorca is the perfect getaway for a quiet getaway and is situated in the Balearic islands.

Two people can go from Manchester Airport for Majorca for 1 week from an amazing £144. Majorca is the largest of the Balearic islands and is busier and than its neighbour Menorca. Couples and families flock in there thousands to the island each year for its amazing weather and nightlife.

You can visit breathaking Egypt from Birmingham with 3 people from £677 to see all its ancient wonder including the great pyramids.

There are plenty of choices to be made at firstchoice.co.uk and there is guaranteed to be a sunny destination that suits you. Give their site a browse for full details on all its offers for your bargain holidays 2011.




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