Trying to find bargain flights to Orlando?

Trying to secure cheap flights for your annual summer family getaway can be so stressful that you can feel like you need a holiday to recover from it! Simply put, if you want to travel to somewhere like Orlando with your family in the summer, it's going to cost you!

That doesn't mean you'll be needing to take out a second mortgage to finance the trip or anything, there are always tips to help the savvy traveller save money on their foreign trips, in this case bargain flights to Orlando.

Everyone knows booking flights directly through an airline's website can often be more expensive than going through a price comparison website (unless they're a low cost carrier of course), so your first port of call should be one of the internet's many flight comparison sites.

From personal experience, we would highly recommend www.skyscanner.net, and www.kayak.com. Both of these sites specialise in North American flights, and will get you the best deal on flights to Orlando.

In the summer months, you'll get a cheaper deal if you're willing to fly midweek instead of at the weekends. So a little flexibility can pay big dividends on your costs.

There are also a huge variety of charter flights to Orlando from UK airports by the likes of Thomson Holidays and Thomas Cook, these are also worth looking into for bargain deals.

While these tips won't get you winter prices to Orlando, they will hopefully bring your cost down to a somewhat more manageable level!

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