Looking for bargain all inclusive 5 holidays?

Staying at an all inclusive hotel is a brilliant idea and a good way to get value for your money when you are booking a holiday but today we are going to try to go one step further and show you the best bargain all inclusive 5 holidays out there this year. You have worked hard all year so you deserve to splash out on yourself and what better way than to be pampered at a five star resort.

Lastminute.com have one of the best deals of the Summer for the Dream Gran Castillo Hotel in Lanzarote. This five star resort is close to the impressive Playa Papagayo beach and boasts fantastic views of the ocean and the neighbouring Canary Islands including Fuerteventura. Perfect for families, the resort offers child care and a childrens club as well as a spa, sauna, Turkish bath and gym for the adults. It has three swimming pools, one heated and the other freshwater as well as three fine cuisine restaurants so you won't even have to leave the hotel. For a one week stay here it will cost you £298 per person.

Slightly more expensive is the Doreta Beach Hotel in Rhodes which is located directly on the beach. This resort is predominantly for families with children and the beach has been issued a European blue flag many times. There are plenty of amenities like a tennis court and mini golf and there is a bar, restaurant and a beach bar. This five star hotel will set you back £523 per person for one week from lastminute.com.

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