Need a budget hotel in Barbados?

Barbados hotels range from very expensive to seriously budget. The problem with the seriously budget hotels is the fact that they are generally not that great. You should always go cheap, just not too cheap!

There is a brilliant range of budget accommodation in Barbados, you just have to do a little digging. We have decided to do the hard work for you, finding a great low cost hotel in Barbados that goes by the name of the Peach and Quiet.

This is the perfect hotel for a weekend break in Barbados. There are lots of options available to you and the room rates will increase or reduce based on what you are looking for. Not to worry though, even at the lower end of pricing you will still have a queen size bed and all the features you would expect from a hotel.

The rooms have wireless internet, en-suite bathrooms and satellite television. They are also spacious and airy because it get might warm in Barbados. Luckily the layout keeps the room cool naturally, there is also air con should you need cooler air.

While the hotel is jam packed with facilities, there is a beautiful outdoor pool for the guests to take advantage of. There is also a bar and they serve breakfast in the mornings.

The hotel has been described by hotel critics as Barbados' best kept secret so be sure to check it out and see if the Peach and Quiet is the right hotel for you.

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